SCADA development core

The core of the development is a set of libraries that implement the basic tools for building software for automated process control systems:

  1. Flexible UI development using Silverlight and HTML 5, as well as the ability to connect any ready-made libraries of visual controls
  2. Linking visual objects and input and output signals from equipment using DataBinding technology
  3. Work with OPC servers for data collection and device management
  4. Writing your own scripts and hardware drivers
  5. Work with various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.)

This product is intended for development companies and integrators of industrial control systems and allows to solve the following tasks:

  • Save on the acquisition of specialized software for the development of automated process control systems, through the use of a cheaper and more common version of Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Expand the development staff by attracting .Net specialists, which are significantly more than the specialists in WinCC or Genesis
  • Automate the line of quality control, as well as implement feedback for production, which will provide a deeper level of automation and eliminate the human factor